This tree dates back to the 1600's. Highlighted in red is my lineage. Our family in the USA are descendants of Matts Hansson Palo. To save space, some spouses and children are omitted. Some names have photos with links underlined. Place names are listed as village, county, then country.

Matts Hansson Palo (b. about 1670. d. February 14, 1714 in Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
married Carin Persdotter Hoppa (b. 1673, d. December 12, 1733 in Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
Matts is the earliest documented family member.  Palo was the name of the village Matts lived in.  He owned the Palo farm in the village of Palo.  The use of place names as surnames started when the Lutheran Church began keeping family records in the 1600's.
Matts had 4 children.  Their 2nd son:
Hans Mattson Palo Brenner (b. about 1690, d. about 1741 in Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
married Maria Gustafsdotter (b. 1693, d. June 22, 1751 in Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
Palo meant "burn" in Finnish.  Brenner was Swedish for "burning".  Hans used both the Finnish and Swedish form of Palo for his surname, a common practice for Swedes living in Finland.
Hans had 5 children.  Their 1st son:
Erik Hansson Brenner (born 1725, died October 31, 1786 in Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
married Lisa Carlsdotter (b. 1731, d. March 5, 1804 in Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
Erik and Lisa were married March 21, 1750 in the village of Pernula.  She was from the Reinilä farm.  He was a soldier, she was a maid.  Together they acquired land and named their farm Skatan (means Magpie), and had 9 children.
Their 4th son:
Johannes Eriksson Brenner (b. February 13, 1757 Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
married Elisabetha (Lisa) Samuelsdotter Korpi (b. June 21, 1758 Ylistaro, Palo, Finland)
Had 4 children:
A. Johan Johansson Brenner (b. 1776 Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
B. Matthias Johansson Brenner (b. 1778 Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
C. Thomas Johansson Brenner (b. 1780 Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
D. Isak Johansson Brenner (b. August 15, 1782 Storkyro, Palo, Finland)
married Maria Jacobsdotter Ryssman March 18, 1809 (b. 1787 Laihala, Finland)
Isak settled in the homestead of Österholm in 1811, taking Österholm as his
surname.  Isak had 10 children (one listed here):
  1. Jakob Isaksson Österholm (b. 1810, Laihia, Jokikylä, Finland)
     (brother of the famous artisan Isak Österholm)
     married Margareta Henriksdotter in 1834 (b. 1812, Korsnäs, Träskböle, Finland)
     Had 4 children (one listed here):
     A. Isak Jakobsson Österholm (b. 1837 Korsnäs, Molpe, Finland)
        married Anna-Maja Johansdotter Båsk (b. 1840 Petalax, Finland)
        Had 11 children:
        1. Anna-Maja Österholm (b. 1859 Petalax, Finland)
        2. Johan "John" Österholm (photo)(b. 1860 Petalax, Finland)
           Emigrated to U.S.A. in 1890's.  Had 3 Children:
           A. John Walter Osterholm (b. 1895, USA)
              1. Jewell Laverne Osterholm, Dr. (photo) (b. 1929, d. 2017, USA)
                 A. Kristine Howard Osterholm (b. 1963, USA)
                 B. Jewell (Jay) Osterholm, Jr. (b. 1964, USA)
              2. Ronald G. Osterholm (b. 1932, d. 1997, USA)
                 A. Lori Osterholm (b. USA)
                 B. Lisa Osterholm (b. USA)
           B. Arthur Wilde Osterholm (photo) (b. 1897, USA)
              1. Arthur Osterholm, Jr. (b. 1917, USA)
              2. Leland Osterholm  (b. 1919, USA)
                 A. Robin Osterholm (b. 1954, USA)
           C. Victor Logan Osterholm (photo)(b. 1900, USA)
              1. Mary Therese Osterholm (photo)(b. 1936, USA)
                 A. Thomas Logan Voss (b. 1957, USA)
                 B. Therese Ann Voss (b. 1958, USA)
                 C. Kathleen Marie Voss (b.1961, USA)
                 D. Pauline Louise Voss (b.1964, USA)
              2. Patricia Ann Osterholm (b. 1939, USA)
                 A. Valerie Gordon (b. 1961, USA)
                 B. Cynthia Gordon (b. 1962, USA)
                 C. David Gordon (b. 1964, USA)
                 D. Shawn Gordon (b. 1965, USA)
                 E. Glen Gordon (b. 1969, USA)
        2. Mary Therese Österholm (b. 1861, Petalax, Finland)
        3. Beata Sofia Österholm (b. 1862, Petalax, Finland)
        4. Greta Stina Österholm (b. 1865, Petalax, Finland)
           A. Erika Kristina Gretasdotter (b. 1886, Foglo, Aland)
        5. Emma Österholm (b. 1869, Petalax, Finland)
        6. Johanna Österholm (b. 1871, Petalax, Finland)
        7. Vendla Karolina Österholm (b. 1874, Petalax, Finland)
        8. Beata Lovisa Österholm (b. 1876, Petalax, Finland)
        9. Carl "Charles" Fredric Österholm (photo)
           (b. 1878 Petalax, Finland)
           Emigrated to U.S.A. in 1890's.  Had 3 Children:
           A. Vera Josephine Osterholm (b. 1904, USA)
           B. Fredrick B. Osterholm (b. 1906, USA)
           C. Charles Alva Osterholm (photo)(b. 1910, USA)
             1. Janice Darlene Osterholm (b. 1935, USA)
                 A. Tammi Lee Reynolds (b. 1958, USA)
                 B. Sheryl Ann Reynolds (b. 1960, USA)
                 C. Jill Candace Reynolds (b. 1963, USA)
                 D. Robert Alan Reynolds (b. 1965, USA)
             2. Charles Dean Osterholm (photo)(b. 1936, d. 2018, USA)
                 A. Charles Lonnie Osterholm (b. 1961, USA)
                    1. Katelyn Osterholm (b. 1992, USA)
                 B. Michael Craig Osterholm (b. 1963, d. 2017, USA)
                 C. Timothy Dean Osterholm (photo)(b. 1965, USA)
                    1. Kayln Renée Osterholm (b. 1994, d. 2015, USA)
                    2. Nathen Anders Osterholm (b. 1996, USA)
                 D. Troy David Osterholm (b. 1967, USA)
                 E. Todd Derek Osterholm (b. 1969, d. 2011, USA)
                    1. Derek Dean Osterholm (b. 1993, USA)
       10. Vilhelm "William" Österholm (photo)(b. 1881, Petalax, Finland)
           Emigrated to U.S.A. in 1901.  Children:
           A. Alban Wilde Osterholm (b. 1910, USA)
       11. Viktor "Victor" Reinhold Österholm (b. 1884, Petalax, Finland)
           Emigrated to U.S.A. in 1890's.  Children:
           A. Aina Ingrid Vendla Osterholm (b. 1902, USA)
           B. Theresa Sophia Osterholm (b. 1906, USA)
           C. Lillian Osterholm (b. 1908, USA)
           D. Esther Osterholm (b. 1913, USA)
           E. Edith Osterholm (b. 1915, USA)
           F. Ruby Osterholm (b. 1919, USA)
           G. Alfred Arthur Osterholm (b. 1921, USA)
              1. Pamela Osterholm (b. 1949, USA)

Updated March 2020
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