Charles Fredric Österholm
Born November 16, 1878

At the age of 25, this photo of Charles Fredric was taken in 1903 with two of his brothers in Chicago.

This is a photo of Charles at the age of 
43, with his son Charles Alva, age 11. 
The photo was taken in 1921 at Algona,

This photo of Charles was taken when he was
around 50 years old, taken about 1928 at 
Algona, Washington, with his wife Josephine.


Charles Fredric was born in Petalax, Finland in 1878, and died in 1930 at age 52 from black lung disease (also known as miners lung disease) at Algona, Washington.  The complicated form of the disease can lead to pulmonary tuberculosis, which was his cause of his death.  As was the case with many Scandinavians who came to America in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Charles spoke little English and had to work as a laborer.  He spent most of his adult years working in mines, resulting in damage to his lungs.  Josephine was born in Boleras, Sweden in 1879, and died in 1937.  They had three children, Vera, Fredrick, and Charles.

Click here to see a photo of Charles with his brothers John and William in 1903.