Charles Alva Osterholm
Born March 1, 1910

This is a colorized photo of Charles Alva's parents, Charles Fredric and Josephine, taken around 1928 in Algona, Washington.

Charles Fredric and Josephine were Swedish immigrants.  Charles was born in Petalax, Finland.  Josephine was born in Boleras, Sweden.

This is a photo of Charles Alva when he was 11 years old, taken in 1921.

This photo of Charles Alva was thought to have been taken in 1932, when he was 22 years old.

This is a photo of Charles Alva and his wife Grace, taken about 1955 at Packwood, Washington.  Charles stood just over 6'5" (notice Grace on the step, who stood about 5'4").


Charles Alva was an engineering graduate of Washington State University, and was involved in the construction of the first paved highways over the Washington Cascades.  He met Grace Parmentier in the early 1930's at Naches, Washington (near Yakima).  Soon after marrying, they settled in Packwood, Washington (near Mt. Rainier), and began a family.  They moved back to the Naches area, where they owned and operated an orchard in Selah, Washington.  They eventually returned to Packwood, where Charles was known as "Big Al" in the community, and he was a respected business man.  April 27, 1956, Charles Alva died tragically at the of 46 while fighting a fire at an apartment complex he owned.  Grace passed away in 1983 at the age of 72 at Graham, Washington.